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Lab Studies

Our labs are designed to help participants understand the design patterns in all life. Equally important kids will learn about symbiotic relationships, ecological niches and predator/prey behaviors in our interactive hands on marine science center.

Snorkel Adventures

As part of our interactive day programs students will head out with us by boat and possibly swim with dolphins, sea turtles, and a variety of other marine wildlife. We may also collect small marine organisms for further studies in our labs.

Kayak Trips

In order to study sea grass beds, coastal dune lakes and artificial reefs, our participants will travel by kayak to some of these sites. We will then possibly snorkel, collect marine organisms and study marine life.

Seine NetPulls

During our interactive marine science scavenger hunts we will collect marine species through a variety of ways. These include seine net pulls, plankton net studies and hand dip nets. We will then take these organisms back for further analysis in our lab.

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