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30a Sealife Camp

Learn about Sea Turtles, Sharks and experience the wonders of the ocean

Day Camp – July 12-15, July 19-22 (8am – 4pm) Cost $695

Day 1 – Introduction to the Ocean Treasures

  • Introduction to life along the Gulf of Mexico – net pulls and touch tank studies
  • Afternoon Kayak Adventure in Western Lake and Gulf outlet

Day 2 – Sea Turtles and Tropical Fish

  • Sheldon’s Sea Turtle snorkel trip (YES interact with sea turtles in the Gulf)
  • Tropical fish identification and snorkelling in Saint Andrews State park

Day 3 – Volunteer and build a reef / Cold Water Springs Plunge

  • Build an oyster reef with the CBA to help provide homes for sea creatures
  • Snorkel in our cold water spring that has amazing visibility

Day 4 – Fishing adventure and Shark Studies

  • Catch and release fishing and shark tagging
  • Shark studies – Learn the biology and behaviour of sharks in our lab

Add a day and SNUBA

Learn about scuba diving as you are introduced SNUBA.

Snuba is a form of surface-supplied diving that uses an underwater breathing system developed by Snuba International. The origin of the word “Snuba” may be a portmanteau of “snorkel” and “scuba”, as it bridges the gap between the two. SNUBA in 1-15 feet of water and explore the underwater realm.

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